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Took some great shots this morning in Galveston, Texas. Sunrise on the beach.!/lundstudio/media/grid

Had a great couple of days in Corpus Christi, Texas hanging out with the Bay Area Fellowship Multisite Campus team and wanted to post some of the photos. We toured five out of their eight campuses and all were uniquely setup while offering a consistent BAF experience. Thanks again to John Atkinson, Brandon Cunningham and Joey Davila for being excellent hosts. These guys took a day and a half out of their schedules to give us an excellent multisite experience! Amazing. Check it out via Flickr below.

Quick photo shoot today for Cody Heinrich. He needed some photos for graduation, so we went out and shot. Fun actually. Myra and I took turns with the camera.


See all photos here:

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Really great photographer, Jeremy Cowart. Check out some of his photos from the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.

Link here:


Lots of fun today shooting photos for April. She is playing live on air in San Antonio this weekend and needed some fresh photos for her press kit. Also snagged some great photos of Myra and the kids. April is an amazing songwriter, guitar player and singer. Her grandfather played with Willy Nelson back in the day. She learned most of what she knows from her Dad or “Glenn Boogie”.

Link to her site and music online coming soon. Check back for details. For now, check out some of the other photos:

Link to:

The news is labeling Hurricane Ike as a #freak. Intersting. We were not even expecting the storm to hit Galveston until 12 hours before. Kind of scary to see peoples faces and reactions when the news started predicting the path to hit us, directly. We scrambled and put together emergency plans and communication channels just before the storm hit. National Geographic sums it up well. Right before it hit us, it smacked right into Cuba and Haiti. Check out the shots and video:

“Hurricane Ike will be entered into the record books for the severe damage it inflicted in and around Galveston, Texas, experts say. “This one’s going to be famous for a long time, if for no other reason than it hit Texas, which hadn’t gotten a strike by a damaging hurricane in 25 years,” said Jeff Masters, director of Weather Underground, a private commercial forecasting service.”

The shot above is from the video “Giant Waves Crash Over Buildings” in Cuba.

link here:

I just downloaded the new LimeWire software. It’s pretty cool actually. It’s a peer to peer file sharing application that really picks up where Napster left off and it does not hammer you with ads.

This file sharing network quickly replaced the famous old Napster after it has been shut down and is now more popular than ever..

The new cleaned up Java interface in version 4.1  of Limewire looks way better than earlier versions. You know it’s made for the business of exchanging files and nothing distracts from that goal.

Because it is written in Java it can be used on any Operating System where java can be installed. That includes Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix and Solaris.

This has also disadvantages. It needs Java to run. That means you should take care that you always have the latest version of Java installed on your computer and it’s quite “resource heavy”.

Another reason for it’s success might be, that it doesn’t tackle you with ad-ware, nag-ware or hurting colors. It just convinces with a clear and transparent surface for searching, downloading, browsing and collecting files.

Pick up your copy here: Post your comments on your rating of the new application.

Really very exciting to see all the cool Adobe Air Apps being developed. We really should get some going for Fellowship.

Link Here for Adobe Air:

Featured Apps: