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Recently I tweeted about The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new comic book “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic” (PDF link)  and wound up talking with Matt Wilson with – News and Ideas for Communicators. You can read it here “Is CDC’s zombie comic book an effective communication tool?

So what do you think? Good idea or not? To use such extreme content to get the attention of your audience? Was it effective or what would have been a better avenue? Smart content wins in my opinion — the CDC hit a homerun.

Is your organization primed to create good content? Comments

Our staff is going through Cracking Your Churches Culture Code by Samuel Chand this month and BJ had us commit to a NO PETS policy on our staff.

No Problems
There are no more problems in our organization. Only challenges or opportunities. Problems are negativity and the solution is usually to get rid of them. Instead take some time to learn from whatever is going on and improve. Offer solutions and ideas instead of marinating on the issue. I talked with our Innovation Team about this constantly, that we are problem-solvers, we provide solutions — and we were not going to settle on complaints and issues unless someone wanted to figure out how to address it, creatively and constructively.

No Excuses
Excuses happen when things are not going so well. It’s a defense mechanism. How many organizations do you know that give an excuse for how and why they do what they do? Take Responsibility. Address the hard truth about performance and effectiveness. If one approach is not working then try a different approach. I read once how Michael Dell empowers his employees to take risks and if the venture fails or not working out as expected the leader had to know when to pull the plug. That’s it. We are all going to mess up, our ideas do not always work — we’re human. Just don’t expect to clean a mess up by pouring more stuff on top of it or even worse make excuses for why it is not effective.

No “They”
I hear this at least once a week. They said… Usually they is one person who decides that they are representing a whole group of people. How many times are we guilty of building a case and adding a few extra people? Stop giving power to they. If you have something to say, say it directly to the person who can do something about it. Matthew 18:15 says something about that.

No Secrets
We recently listened to The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey. Every team and organization must operate in a culture of trust. Without it your cost will go up and speed will go down. Trust is simply “Character + Competence”. To have trust you must be able to communicate directly with one another. To kill trust, do just the opposite: don’t communicate directly others, just complain or gossip to everyone else — or keep “secrets”. Secrets are the not-so-silent trust killer. If you are going to solve problems or opportunities together you have to be willing to communicate openly and honestly.

Sorry, PET lovers. There not allowed here anymore.

Who or what are you investing in? Google’s employees have done well since the company went public six years ago. Excellent article here at Business Week. Investing in people and ideas is something I am really digging right now. I can think of ten people right now who are interested in starting a company, three of them have a business plan and two of them are actually making it happen.

My little brother is down from Michigan for a couple of weeks. He is studying to be a chef and has some great experience. He has two years to go and is working towards his degree in culinary arts but it sounds like he is leaning towards traveling to experience different cultures and cuisine. It’s amazing to see when people come alive and passionate about something. He and I brainstormed for a couple of hours and he may test out a mobile cuisine service for their local Cherry Festival or Film Festival in Traverse City.

If he moves forward with it I will post updates and hopefully some video clips of his Journey. I believe in him – yes because he is my brother but also because he has experience, passion and is an excellent cook. The question is when the rubber meets the road. Would I invest in his journey? What could I do to help propel his efforts? I have a few ideas. It’s fun.

Fun topic. Just the start of it hopefully. =)

Great summer project actually.

Some of my favorite games; Risk, Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess, Apples to Apples and others. Wow, how excellent would it be to have a lawn Risk or Scrabble game. Thinking this will have to be a summer project.

Great article about Kerry and the church. Very cool.

Kerry Shook, Pastor of Fellowship of the Woodlands in Houston TX kicked off this year’s Keynote sessions at the NRB with a message about how God wants to use the same process seen in Genesis Chapter 1 in our lives and ministries.

There are essentially six steps in the process according to Pastor Shook. These steps are Light, Land Life, Likeness, Leverage and Limits.

  1. Light. The first thing God created was light. Light represents an idea from God. Pastor Shook talked about how churches today use very little creativity or resources in getting their message out. He then shared a story about a crazy Idea his team had for one of his series. Pastor Shook and his team were trying to come up with creative illustrations about the cross. Someone had the idea to use motocross and to bring in a professional motocross driver to jump over the pastor, right on stage. He said the whole stunt lasted only three minutes, but after the sermon, over 300 people gave their hearts to the Lord, including the motocross driver.“We vastly underestimate the power of one idea,”  said Shook.
  2. Land. Land is the opportunities we are given on this earth. One of the “territories” not being reached today is the next generation.
  3. Life. Life represents the passion that is in our hearts. We must have passion for what we do. We can have all the ideas and opportunities in the world and it will all be for nothing if the passion in our hearts does not match.
  4. Likeness. God created man in his own image. We were created to be like Him. The fourth step in the process is a life change. If an idea is from God, the evidence will be changed lives and the first life that will be changed is our own. We must also be authentic because a life change is always authentic. One of the ways that Pastor Shook has challenged his church to be authentic is through a 30 days to live challenge in which participants lived their lives as if it were the last 30 days they had to live.  Shook says “Unchurched people want a challenge worthy of their lives.”
  5. Leverage. After God created Adam and Eve, he told them to be fruitful and multiply. God wants our ministries to be fruitful and to multiply them.
  6. Limits. The Bible says that on the 7th day, God rested. The last piece of the puzzle is knowing our limits.  Our own ideas cannot change one life.

Link here:

O.k., this application needs a little work but seems to be a decent tool for word, naming, idea brainstorming with a team. We are going to test-drive it and see how it goes:

Innovation Design Area

Wridea is the place to get your area started:

Basically, you can create different groups of ideas, allow your friends or everyone to share their ideas and then it has a cool tool called “Idea Rain” that randomly drops ideas or words on the screen and you can pair them up as they jump out at you. Free-Association sort of.