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How well you can operate something directly depends on what you know about it – how well you understand it. So how well you know something or someone is how well you will interact with it. It has a flow, a rhythm. You can’t just use it – without first learning it, studying the rules, techniques, it’s make up. Before you can master anything you must know it first.

So, how are you using Twitter search? Why is it even important? You’ll see.

Who or what are you investing in? Google’s employees have done well since the company went public six years ago. Excellent article here at Business Week. Investing in people and ideas is something I am really digging right now. I can think of ten people right now who are interested in starting a company, three of them have a business plan and two of them are actually making it happen.

My little brother is down from Michigan for a couple of weeks. He is studying to be a chef and has some great experience. He has two years to go and is working towards his degree in culinary arts but it sounds like he is leaning towards traveling to experience different cultures and cuisine. It’s amazing to see when people come alive and passionate about something. He and I brainstormed for a couple of hours and he may test out a mobile cuisine service for their local Cherry Festival or Film Festival in Traverse City.

If he moves forward with it I will post updates and hopefully some video clips of his Journey. I believe in him – yes because he is my brother but also because he has experience, passion and is an excellent cook. The question is when the rubber meets the road. Would I invest in his journey? What could I do to help propel his efforts? I have a few ideas. It’s fun.

Fun topic. Just the start of it hopefully. =)

Ok, you have to be signed into to get the social circle or social media results but get ready for Google Social Results. On January, 29 2010. Social search is now LIVE via Google. Still in BETA Google search now accesses your social media circle in an attempt to display realtime content for improved relevancy. Notice that Facebook was left out. This is due mostly to that most of the content on Facebook is private, which is good for user privacy – but maybe not so great for businesses trying to be found on search engines. Interesting that the search would not at least access “public” pages of Facebook. Fun stuff. Social media – old term but still showing value as integration ramps up.

Great article on the details here.


O.k. don’t vote. The election is already over so you missed it anyway. These are great spots about voting and it points viewers to Very cool.

At you can find your voting location by entering in your home address. It also reminds the web user that they have to register to vote and that the location shown is for the November 4th election day only.


Other cool links:

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Just pumped about the fact that we are moving forward on a new content management system that will channel our content and…… take us mobile. love it. We have a simple landing page for now with service times, address, contact info and links to Twitter, Facebook, Email subscribe and Blog. It’s a start. Also just picked up a quick read (102 pages) on Mobile Web Design by Cameron Moll. It’s really basic but a good place to start. You can actually pick up most the info online with a little google search but I still am a book feen.

Also, just some quick stats to blow your mind as of 2006, Mobile Web Design. Check out the world usage of mobile phones versus the television or creditcard below. Ok, this is cool stuff.

Automobile 100 800 Million
PC 30 850 Million
Landline Phone 110 1.3 Billion
Credit Card 40 1.4 Billion
TV 60 1.5 Billion
Mobile Phone 35 2.7 Billion

Link here for book:
Link here for Cameron Moll:
Link here for usability:
Link here for mobile interface design:

Ok, another cool tool dropped by the John Otjen. Using to track Hurricane Edouard. I think it is really only a tropical storm at this point but it is still cool to watch. Love Google, love technology, love has fast everything is moving these days. Next 5 years is going to be interesting.

Link here:

Welcome to Fellowship Island

Fellowship Island on Googles Lively Virtual World

Fellowship Island on Googles Lively Virtual World

“Different” is no longer a differentiator. What is? Creating an authentic relationship with your customers.

This is what it means to forge an authentic relationship with your customers. It’s not the kind of relationship that lasts for only one season or that comes on suddenly because your product is cheaper or more beautiful than another’s. It’s the kind of relationship that emerges because you offer something that caters to an essential desire and makes your customers feel they can be themselves. It’s the kind of relationship that allows for mistakes and creates a bond of loyalty. And having established an authentic bond doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. People change, trends change, and you must always be willing to reinvent yourself as both your company and your customers evolve.

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