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Recently I tweeted about The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new comic book “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic” (PDF link)  and wound up talking with Matt Wilson with – News and Ideas for Communicators. You can read it here “Is CDC’s zombie comic book an effective communication tool?

So what do you think? Good idea or not? To use such extreme content to get the attention of your audience? Was it effective or what would have been a better avenue? Smart content wins in my opinion — the CDC hit a homerun.

Is your organization primed to create good content? Comments


Simple but cool Mars Hill iPhone application by SubSplash.

About Subsplash
We aspire to go beyond convention and deliver both amazement and delight.
Subsplash is a design-centric software company. Our approach to software design is strongly rooted in the iterative process. We love Getting Real and being Agile. By channeling our efforts through this methodology our clients get great results and the return on investment is high. We hope our customers see this benefit when using DreamStream, Timeless and our forthcoming products.

About Mars Hill Church
Mars Hill Church lives for Jesus as a city within the city – knowing culture, loving people, and seeing lives transformed to live for Jesus.
That’s our mission.

YES. You need to have your own iPhone app.

Jury is still out but so far I really dig the ripples is making. Very cool use of social media blogging, etc. Truly worth a visit. @WoodlandsChurch has been posting great discussion questions there. Jump in, it’s fine.


Here’s a quick screen grab of Rainn Wilson’s #soulpancake. The site encourages deep, real discussion. Love the angle. Mostly, I am seeing a lot of bickering but some really good comments here and there. Careful not to confuse “spiritivity” with following Christ. Fine line. Know where it is.


Finishing up the book Tribes by Seth Godin (excellent), purchasing this book by Rands. Anyone else read this one?

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I honestly love the instantaneous feed of life recorded through the Internet and social media. I almost cracked a rib watching this bad boy. Here is a clip of “The John Otjen” rockin out to The Beastie Boys, singing “Sabotage”. It is amazing. Trust me. Or better yet, check it out for yourself:

I believe the crew in Oklahoma City were throwing a going away party for Aaron Havens who is now living and ministering in Mexico. Props to Aaron who is just following a call; he moved his family into one of the poorest areas of the world to just be Jesus to people. Check out his blog and journey at Some really cool thoughts and more importantly actions from these guys.

“For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.”

Titus 2:11


Do you stand proud of the kingdom you’ve built?


Does this merit an apology?”

My response: I probably have not discovered the level of boldness that Christ had for His Church while he was here on this earth. This life is definitely a struggle. I wonder everyday why it seems so hard to do it well. I too have many apologies to give; but better to live them out than just offer words. I thank God everyday for His favor and grace.

Thank you TwitterFone. Seriously. I have had two crazy missed accidents because I was trying to update a twitter status while driving. Yes, addiction is the word that comes to mind. And, since the so called near death experiences I have stopped twittering while driving. Anyway, get signed up – this new app allows users to record audio and it translates into text then posts to your twitter account. Fun stuff. Technology is awesome.

Link here:
Oh and if you don’t have twitter yet, it’s never too late to start =)

Really very exciting to see all the cool Adobe Air Apps being developed. We really should get some going for Fellowship.

Link Here for Adobe Air:

Featured Apps: