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Just discovered Klout a new online tool that measures your level of influence & reach in social media. (Thanks Jeana LawrenceThe Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.

Currently in use for Twitter and Facebook. Currently the tool measures in three main areas: True Reach, Amplification Probability & Network Influence. So, currently I have 1,995 followers on Twitter and Klout measures about 773 people are truly within my reach. Crazy cool to have data on how effective our social media is. Find out where you are visit Klout.

Influential Leaders on Twitter / Org Website

Join us online or on your mobile for a LIVE stream of “Stairway to Heaven” and see the Grace Fellowship team rock Led’s Zeppelin’s original. Also, for everyone waiting for the LIVE video for iPhone & iPad. It’s finally here! To watch with us visit at 12noon cst today (May 2, 2011) from iPhone, iPad. Oh and bring a friend, this is going to be incredible.

Just released a brand new GFC App today to the Android Market. It’s in beta of course so if you find any bugs or weird happenings – leave feedback here on the blog. Also, happy to say that is meeting our need for mobile content pretty well. It’s great to have a Free option to create and publish mobile apps to test the water and see where and how it would be wise to invest further. I am pretty happy with the solutions for both iPhone and Android. The Android functionality is limited to RSS feeds mostly but allows users to access our streaming media, flickr, blog posts and some social media.

By the way, publishing an Android App is about 1000 times simpler than the iPhone app. Excellent work Google for keeping things simple.

So what’s the cost so far, about 40 hours of my time, $99 Apple Developer Registration fee & $0 zero for Android. Working on publishing the Microsoft Windows version at the moment, invested another $99 App Hub registration fee but should be good to go after another several rounds of inefficient communication with Microsoft =) (Sorry, but if you only knew.)

Today, we had a staff survivor challenge… with paper airplanes. To win the challenge you would have to build an airplane out of one – 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and have the longest flight without touching the wall, launch platform or other stationary object — the stopwatch will start once the plane leaves your hand and stops once plane hits the floor. Very happy to report that I brought home the gold with the longest inflight with 3.6 seconds. I chose The Dart concept just in case you were wondering.

Reminded me when I was a kid — paper airplanes, pencil wars and drawing battle vehicles to compete the next day in class. What a blast. Kind of like a 1980′s kids version of the X-Prize. Funny how even at a young age I geeked over prototyping and sketching ideas. It’s really the first step to bringing an idea to reality. Get it on paper or build it out of anything. One of my favorite books talks about this, Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley, from the CEO of IDEO.

Some of the drawings I can remember were a mountain-based AirplanLanding Track or my favorite Vehicle Cameraflage, a high-tech invisibility cloak – which I would like to claim publicly was stolen for Die Another Day, 2002 James Bond movie.

What was one of your favorite things to do as a kid?  Comment

Build it today, test on your iPhone today. (Release to app store 10 Days)

So I have wanted to build an iPhone app for about a year now and received several cost estimates from excellent companies SubSplash, MobileRoadie and a few others. We will most likely move ahead and invest a bit in the next year for mobile media but before we totally took the plunge I wanted to test just how popular and useful an iPhone mobile app would be.

If you have been looking for a simple way to build and fairly simple way to publish an iPhone app and really don’t want to invest thousands just yet, I would recommend AppMakr. You can design and build straight forward apps pretty quick and if you know some HTML and CSS you can push the functionality a bit.

Building is the easy part actually, it’s connecting and publishing to the Apple iTunes App Store that’s a bit complex, at least at first. I’ll outline that process in a future post. If you don’t want to figure the second part out AppMakr will publish for you at $1,000.00 (each release).

Give it a try, I think you’ll dig it. Here is the direct link to the Grace Fellowship Church app. Released today. Looking forward to checking out the stats. Have fun.

Ok, so I am selling my Apple iPhone 3GS (32GB) – curious for those of you who have done the same. Do you recommend upgrading to the iPhone 4 or going for the new Droid? The international market for smart phones is crazy. Our friend just sold his for over $600.00. Seriously.

Mobile phone service plans and even the phone purchase is now subsidized by countries and becoming more available since third world countries cannot offer telecommunications infrastructure. The rest of the world just may catch up in the next 25 years. Remember when “global economy” was just a debate in freshman economics?

Apple iPhone 3GS (32GB) White (ebay link) Sold $460 (fraud) Sold $361 (legit)

Apple iPhone 3G (16GB) Black (ebay link) Sold $198

*Decision: Went with the new iPhone 4 16GB – love it! Reception is a bit off out here in the rurals, waiting on new case to help with that. Heard that was an issue. Ah, well. If it turns out to be horrible. I think I will try next time. I hear it’s better for selling your gadgets.

What happens when you outgrow existing infrastructure? You hit a wall and it slows you down. I can imagine a team of tech gurus hovering over server delay, outage and DNS reports — half the team insisting they knew they would hit this wall eventually, the other half just trying to get the problem solved. So what is the problem? Is it just not enough servers, processing power and load-balancing to keep up with the Facebook demand? Obviously. But where did the failing point happen? Within the company server rooms or in the connection to the back-bone to the Internet? Curious how many co-location sites these guys have, where they might be?

Really, I only noticed the site being down a couple of times today but what I could not ignore was all the hype and fuss about what was going wrong. Interesting. Ah, back to the real world. =)

Great weekend @gfcfamily. Launched brand NEW church online stream. 209 people in 4 countries and 10 states joined in for the first weekend! You can check it out this Sunday 9:30 or 11:00AM CST & Monday 12Noon

I have to say it was an amazing moment to hear BJ announce on-stage and on-air that we are now LIVE and broadcasting across the area and that several of our friends and family were joining us from all over. We are using for the private chat software and for the lobby chat that integrates well with OpenId, Facebook and Twitter. We also hooked up a simple connect form for those new to Grace Fellowship and donation link for regular attenders.

We ran three services this weekend and all three were great! Currently only offering one medium bandwidth stream but moving quickly to accommodate a low and high stream by next weekend. Our next step is to stream to mobile. Love to get the word out. But also trying to implement a channel that offers more for very different audience. Who? You will see! A Big thank you to our streaming partner vLifeMedia — these guys have been streaming for years and they know what they are doing.

If you are interested in streaming for your organization give them a shout. They deliver small to large scale streaming solutions.

Grace Fellowship Church Paradise, Texas - Live Streaming Services Online

It is crank week at Grace Fellowship Church as we get ready to launch the all new Live streaming of the services! Check it out September 19 at 9:30 & 11:00am. We tested behind the scenes this weekend and the quality looks good so far. The second DSL line is scheduled to be installed this week in order to help with load balance and maximizing bandwidth. We plan on using a simple custom css/php template to run it with chat, live prayer, social media integration and more. The best thing is letting friends, family and new viewers see what Grace Fellowship is all about. It’s a great way to check out the church and see if it is worth visiting but also a great tool for getting the message out across the states and globally.  Stay tuned!

Also, our temporary page and recent announcement seems to be drawing attention from many sides. Love seeing the different perspectives in the area.

- We are all creative, every one of us.
- Take time to listen, then listen some more.
- Quit thinking about what God has put on your heart — do it.
- Be available, take risks, prepare to “Go Big”. Stop letting yourself stall out.
- Communicate clearly, know who you are communicating with.
- Take time for others. Know their name. That is a start to a new conversation and relationship.
- Fatherlessness is killing the U.S.  What can you do about it?
- Tell a better story, people are rarely moved by stats and goals but by a STORY. — Donald Miller
- Go Big or Go Home – Help others execute their big vision. Your big vision will come and then you will be ready.
- Have a strategy, a plan, execute it, measure it and revise it. (repeat)
- We are not the hero. Jesus is.

Had a great time at the Echo Conference this year. Met some great people with common vision and goals. Loved sharing thoughts and ideas with peers and hearing from those who are in our world everyday. Love seeing the movement of the church and how it is again becoming less and less about the medium and more and more about the Message.

More about Echo Conference 2010 via Twitter #Echo10, Flickr Echo Conference and Echo site.

How well you can operate something directly depends on what you know about it – how well you understand it. So how well you know something or someone is how well you will interact with it. It has a flow, a rhythm. You can’t just use it – without first learning it, studying the rules, techniques, it’s make up. Before you can master anything you must know it first.

So, how are you using Twitter search? Why is it even important? You’ll see.

Ok, you have to be signed into to get the social circle or social media results but get ready for Google Social Results. On January, 29 2010. Social search is now LIVE via Google. Still in BETA Google search now accesses your social media circle in an attempt to display realtime content for improved relevancy. Notice that Facebook was left out. This is due mostly to that most of the content on Facebook is private, which is good for user privacy – but maybe not so great for businesses trying to be found on search engines. Interesting that the search would not at least access “public” pages of Facebook. Fun stuff. Social media – old term but still showing value as integration ramps up.

Great article on the details here.

Clicked onto to see how much it would be to visit family in New Zea-land next year.  Looks like we can get the tickets for round-trip with 3 week car rental for about $1600 per person. Not bad actually. Then I stumbled on to their new Trend Tracker Tool – it tells you the trends on best time of year to travel (for cost). Digging it. So I know I was thinking initially about New Zea-land but I have been curious about the best possible time to visit Cozumel, Mexico and it looks like January is the best time to get out of town – around $360.00.

Love travel, love good deals. Love, still.

How many years until we all have the brand new 52″ Apple SmartTV* ?

Technology is moving. Fast. Just think about this: a bit more than 100 years ago Ford Motor Company started putting cars together on an assembly line – a major technology advancement. Now we are streamlining how we access information and communicate with different people and culture groups all over the globe. Get ready to see technology rapidly change our world. Here are the quick stats from 2007 just for comparison:

  • What’s next? X.X B (post it)
  • Mobile Phone 2.7 B
  • Television 1.5 B
  • Credit Card Users 1.4 B
  • Interent 1.1 M
  • PC Users 850 M
  • Registered Vehicles 800 M

Stats from Cameron Moll’s book, Mobile Web Design, and link. Also, for more on where Mobile is going see: MW4D Mobile Web for Social Development Road Map (MW4D) #mobile #web

*it’s real, it just hasn’t replaced your TV, yet. And it’s not quite 52 inches.


North Point Church Online begins Sunday, August 16th. Very excited to see what the experience is like. Looking forward to taking Woodlands Church community online. We are ready to share resources world-wide! Until then visit:, or


Our staff recently had the pleasure of meeting with Roger Berry, Chief Information Officer of Disney Parks and Resorts and to say the least “we have been inspired”. What an amazing experience. Just to make good use of time I am copying or “stealing” notes from my good friend Aaron Unnasch who seems to be a bit more disciplined at recording his thoughts electronically.

Comments from Roger below: (Thanks Aaron)

  • At Disney, technology doesn’t make the “magic” happen, but it does enable it.
  • God has given everyone the gift of technology. It is our responsibility to learn how He wants us to use it.
  • When things are good, the demand for technology goes up. When things are bad, the demand for technology goes up.
  • IT must have a seat alongside Finance, HR, and Marketing at the governance table.
  • IT must be a part of the decision making process. If not, it is a formula for disaster.
  • His 5 points of focus: 1) Stability & Performance 2) Talent Management 3) Segment Strategy 4) Total Cost of Ownership 5) New Technology & Innovation
  • Disney knows everything about their customers. They are a trusted brand and, therefore, people willingly share lots of personal information.
  • We are more alike than you think. Disney has Intenders –> Repeaters –> Worldphiles. The church has Seekers –> Members –> Disciples.
  • You don’t have the resources that Disney has, but you do have power that Disney doesn’t have.
  • I believe technology is given to us by God, but it is also a tool of the devil.
  • Does your technology plan align with the mission and vision of your organization?
  • Are you continually leveraging new technology?
  • Will technology change your brand?
  • Iteration is important at Disney. We release then release then release….improving each time.
  • When I was at Campbell Soup, consultants told us that bad marketing decisions 15 years ago caused us to miss an entire generation. Don’t be late.

Who have you encountered that fits the bill of a Chief Innovation Officer and are you on the journey to take that next step into leadership? Are you truly earning that title “Innovator”? I am refreshing my vision of where I can make the largest impact and seeking God for guidance in this process. Always fun. Always challenging. Who would have it any other way.

Thanks for the feedback: Comments Welcome


“Preview is now up to 2X faster, better text selection in PDF (using a “little bit of AI”). Better Chinese text input, just like on the iPhone — uses the trackpad to draw characters.”

“Apple has come from a different place — they love Leopard and wanted to build upon it. They set a challenge for themselves to build a better Leopard — lots of refinement, powerful new technologies, and Exchange support.”

“Microsoft is trying to get out of the hole they’re in with Windows 7. However, they have the same set of problems as before; registry, DLLs, defragmentation, etc. Windows 7 introduces even more complexity.”

Resource Links

LIVE Text and photos here:
LIVE Video Stream Here:
Official after conference media here:

Jury is still out but so far I really dig the ripples is making. Very cool use of social media blogging, etc. Truly worth a visit. @WoodlandsChurch has been posting great discussion questions there. Jump in, it’s fine.


Here’s a quick screen grab of Rainn Wilson’s #soulpancake. The site encourages deep, real discussion. Love the angle. Mostly, I am seeing a lot of bickering but some really good comments here and there. Careful not to confuse “spiritivity” with following Christ. Fine line. Know where it is.